Judy Boggs’ Legacy:


Home Loving Senior Care was founded on April 1, 2002 by Judy Boggs. Judy retired from Lucent Technologies after 30 years of service. A special moment in Judy’s life was when she volunteered in a community service organization, The Telephone Pioneers that was within Lucent. She loved working with children and adults, she was known as “Sparkles”, which was her clown name. Judy’s day could have been going bad, but when she changed into her clown costume and become “Sparkles”, her life had a different meaning. Judy changed so many lives by just being herself, helping others was her life’s mission. She lived a life full of compassion, kindness and devotion. Judy passed away on February 23, 2019. Home Loving Senior Care’s legacy will continue, in honor of Judy and her father.


Home Loving Senior Care’s Purpose:

Judy Boggs founded Home Loving Senior Care in loving memory of her father, Hassell Roberts, who passed away on April 18, 2002. Judy’s father was the love of her life, he was the strength that helped her accomplish things that she never thought she could have. This business was very special to her—-it is the memory of her dad. Before his passing, their family was faced with around the clock care for him.  One day, her father had a stroke and instantly her mother became a 24/7 caregiver for six years. Judy and her brother were faced with the same things Home Loving Senior Care’s client’s and their families are faced with on a daily. Arranging schedules, scheduling appointments, finding transportation, having to pre-prepare meals, all while having to continue with their personal lives and work schedules. This inspired Judy to open Home Loving Senior Care; her first client was her mom. Home Loving Senior Care opened the doors for business on April 1, 2002. They were blessed to have a family capable of handling that type of care, enabling her dad to stay in his home.  Many families are not that fortunate, due to work, children, and other reasons.  Judy’s heart was to help those families in need and that became her motivation to start Home Loving Senior Care.

“My life has meaning (sometimes still difficult, of course) but what a feeling to finish my day knowing that by visiting a family whether I could help or not – laughing or crying with them just makes my heart beat stronger.” – Judy Boggs